D-Bal Results- Everything You Need to Know

D-Bal is the legal form of the famous Methandrostenolone (Dianabol), made from 100% natural substances. It works in an almost similar manner to DBol but with zero side effects. In this article, discover the D-Bal results to enable you to make an informed decision before using it to build muscle. You will also learn the possible side effects, price and its effect on women.

D-Bal Results to Anticipate

D-Bal Results

  • Rapid Muscle Gains

D-Bal is one of the best steroid alternatives, designed specifically for hard gainers and those who want to get huge without having to repeat the reps for eons. This does not mean you need to substitute your workouts with D-Bal, NO. It will only help you see the results much faster, so you will lift less and gain more within a very short time.

So how does it speed up your gains?

Like any other muscle building supplement, D-Bal increases protein synthesis. To do this, it enables your muscle cells to retain nitrogen, which is then used to construct proteins. Proteins are then used to build muscle mass to give you that gigantic body. Research has shown that when combined with a great workout and diet plan, D-Bal can yield up to 10lbs of pure, lean muscle within the first 2 weeks of use.

  • Enhanced Strength and Stamina

D-Bal enhances protein metabolism to enhance your strength and figure. For instance, collagen is a type of protein responsible for building strong bones and connective tissue. Protein metabolism also increases the amount of amino acids in your blood stream, some of which are converted into glucose and used to generate energy.

  • Reduced Recovery time

When you do strenuous exercise for a prolonged period, your muscle glycogen gets depleted, hence the need to replenish it as soon as possible to hasten your recovery. This is normally accomplished by consuming a carbohydrate supplement immediately after exercise. Studies have shown that protein metabolism shortens the recovery duration. This is because proteins cushion against muscle damage in addition to rebuilding the worn-out tissues. Thus, by accelerating protein metabolism, D-Bal plays a huge role in speeding up your recovery after rigorous workouts.

D-Bal Results vs DBol Results

As aforementioned, D-Bal was designed to mimic the effects of DBol, so their results are almost similar. It just happens that Dianabol is fraught with side effects, thus, consuming it brings in more disadvantages than the benefits. So, it is important to stick with the legal version to avoid getting into any health or legal risk.

D-Bal Results vs D Bal Max Results

Due to the confusing names, the question “what are the differences between D-Bal and D Bal Max”, keep popping up in forums. The simple answer is that both supplements are the same in terms of everything except the names. They are made of the same ingredients and everything but under different competing companies. Below are the main advantages of D-Bal over D Bal Max:

  1. D-Bal has been around for a longer time than D Bal Max hence more trust
  2. D-Bal is fairly priced. For example, D-Bal costs $59.99 in addition to free delivery while D Bal Max costs up to $68.95 with no added benefit in terms of ingredients and/or quality.

How to Use D-Bal for Maximum Gains

To get the best out of every bottle of D-Bal you purchase, you need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as follows:

  • 3 capsules daily approximately 45 minutes after your workout.

An alternative method is to take the capsules in this order:

  • 1 capsule after breakfast
  • 1 capsule after lunch
  • 1 capsule after supper

For excellent gains, accompany these with a sound bulking diet and workout routine. Though results will start to show up after 4 weeks, continued usage for up to 60 days is highly recommended for the best results.

D-Bal Results on Women

Can women use D-Bal safely? What happens when women take D-Bal?

To answer these questions, we need to take into account the D-Bal’s mode of action. Since it only enhances protein synthesis without causing testosterone levels to spike, it’s wise to conclude that D-Bal has no negative side effects on women. It enables women to build muscle safely without developing manly features, thus it is recommended for both genders. So, if you are a woman and wish to build lean muscle, D-Bal is the ideal supplement.

D-Bal Before and After Pictures

D-Bal before and after pictures

Below are the D-Bal before and after pictures that prove its worth in bodybuilding. The pictures were taken by real people like you who have used D-Bal and achieved impressive results.


D-Bal is one of the greatest Dianabol alternatives on the market. While our D-Bal results review is genuine and honest, keep in mind that people are different. While most guys get results within a short time (2 weeks), others take up to 2 or 3 months to achieve the same results, while others fail to see any change at all. So, the whole thing boils down to genetics and how well your body responds to supplements. Therefore, depending on your body type and genetics, you should anticipate the following 3 possible outcomes if you decide to use this supplement:

  • Massive muscle gains-within the first 30 days
  • Massive muscle gains- within 60-90 days
  • Little or no gains at all
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