Sizegenetics review

Review of Sizegenetics, Benefits, Results and Side Effects

As we all know, size does matter a lot, hence the need for artificial methods of increasing penis size for men who are less endowed. In this SizeGenetics review, we’ll look at its characteristics to determine if it’s a good extender.

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What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a 2-decade-old penis extender and probably the best alternative to Male Edge, Phalllosan Forte and Jes Extender.

For over 17 years, Permenda LTD, the official manufacturer of SizeGenetics has sold thousands of devices and received numerous positive reviews and testimonials from thousands of satisfied customers.

Managing to withstand competition for two decades is a clear indication that the company is offering high quality products to its customers, and in this review we’ll explain why SizeGenetics is one of the best extenders in the market today.

SizeGenetics Parts

Sizegenetics parts

SizeGenetics is made up of various components that are professionally integrated to give you maximum comfort and the best results.

The parts include the base ring, elongation bars, head piece and comfort strap.

How to Use SizeGenetics

Below are the steps to using SizeGenetics effectively:

  1. To begin with, set the device to the correct length using elongation bars. It is advisable to set to 1cm longer than your penis (in its flaccid state). For instance, if your penis is 6cm, set it to 7cm
  2. Put the base ring on your penis
  3. Fix the head piece onto elongation bars and place the head of the penis (glans) into the head piece
  4. Secure the penis in that position using the comfort strap
  5. Adjust the traction on the device using adjustment screws located next to the base ring (recommended traction set for beginners should be between 900 and 1500 grams)
  6. Do not change the traction until 6th week (by then your penis will be used to the device and you will be able to adjust as you wish)

There is also a very elaborate video explaining how to use SizeGenetics here (official website)

SizeGenetics Buying Options

When buying SizeGenetics, there are 3 options, each coming with its own benefits.

  1. The Ultimate System

Buying the ultimate system is the best option and we strongly recommend. It not only saves you money but also comes with a lot of benefits such as:

  • SizeGenetics device
  • Top-notch comfort technology
  • 2800g tension
  • Instructional video
  • Awesome leather case with lock and key for protecting your privacy
  • 2 multi-functional head pieces
  • Aftercare moisturizer (cream)
  • Traction plus powder
  • Male enhancement exercises DVD
  1. The Device Only

  • SizeGenetics device
  • Comfort technology
  • Instructional video
  1. The Starter Edition

  • SizeGenetics device
  • Instructional video

SizeGenetics Benefits

Some of the numerous benefits offered by SizeGenetics extender include:

  • Increase in both penile length and girth
  • Easy to use
  • Free from side effects
  • Helps to rectify penile curvature and treat peyronie’s disease
  • Strengthens ejaculatory nerves to enable you last longer
  • Improves you bedroom confidence whilst minimizing anxiety
  • Super-fast delivery upon placing your order
  • First-class customer service
  • Discreet packaging to protect your privacy
  • 6 months money back guarantee

You can order SizeGenetics from the official website.   

Why Should You Trust SizeGenetics ?

There are hundreds of companies manufacturing and distributing penis enlargement devices but none of them comes close to SizeGenetics official manufacturer in regards to quality and customer satisfaction.

Also keep in mind that there are scammers purporting to sell genuine SizeGenetics extenders only to deliver low-quality equipment.

Thus it is advisable to always buy SizeGenetics from the official manufacturer.

Here are some of the reasons why SizeGenetics is the best penis extender on the market:

  • It is Clinically Proven

Seasoned specialist in general and plastic surgery such as DR. Finn Knudsen recommends SizeGenetics for treating penile curvature and other disorders such as penis shrinkage.

Many other doctors in the field of plastic surgery have tested and approved the device for use by anyone who wishes to increase their penis girth and length.

  • Backed By Authentic Medical Certificate

Permenda LTD is licensed to manufacture and distribute SizeGenetics extenders and they have an authentic medical certificate which gives them a competitive edge. They also adhere to the required manufacturing practices which make them more trusted and loved by customers.

  • It is Backed By Scientific Studies

Studies recommend extenders such as SizeGenetics as the ideal option for lengthening penis size.

In a study published in the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to determine the effects of penis extenders on penile growth and girth, it was shown that wearing the device for at least 6 months results in significant increase in penile shaft length and some mild increment in girth. [1]

Thus, penis extenders are backed by scientific research as the best non-invasive penis enlargement alternative to dietary pills, vacuum pumps, prescription medications and surgery.

Does Really SizeGenetics Work?

Does Sizegenetics work

Scientific research together with the numerous customer testimonials available online and offline proves beyond reasonable doubt that SizeGenetics extender actually works.

However, results are not achievable overnight and you need to exercise patience for you to attain significant gains.

The minimum recommended time is 6+ months meaning you’d be wasting your time and money if you order SizeGentics with the intention of getting quick results.

How it Works        

SizeGenetics works in a similar manner to bodybuilding exercises, meaning that it stretches your penile muscle tissues resulting to cell duplication. [2]

As the body tries to counter the strain caused by traction, new cells grow through cell division, which in turn increase the length and girth of the penis.

The main cells targeted by traction equipment such as SizeGenetics are those located at the corpora cavernosum (the spongy tissue that holds blood during erection) to ensure that your manhood can hold more blood for a harder, sustainable erection.

SizeGenetics Side Effects

For the 17+ years that SizeGenetics has been on the market, no single side effect has ever been reported. However, keep in mind that the stretching process can be moderately uncomfortable at the beginning before you become accustomed to the device.

SizeGenetics Price

Note: you only get massive discounts when you buy online.

  1. The Ultimate System

    Retail price: $499.95

Online discounted price: $299.95

Savings: $200

  1. Comfort Package

    Retail price: $399.95

Online price: $249.95

Savings: $150

  1. Value Edition

    Retail price: $274.95

Online price: $199.95

Savings: $75

  1. Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition

    Retail price: $499.95

Online price: $299.95

Savings: $200

Buy SizeGenetics now

Where to Buy SizeGenetics

Genuine SizeGenetics device is only available on the official website. As earlier, mentioned, there are thousands of companies out there who sell fake SizeGenetics devices and you should be wary of them.

Some people believe that eBay, Walmart, Amazon and other large scale commercial stores are the best for buying SizeGenetics but this is a huge misconception since counterfeit products also find their way into these commercial stores.

Hence, the only way to avoid getting scammed is to order from the official website.

SizeGenetics Reviews by Customers

There are thousands of customer reviews both online and offline. In our quest to find out what real users have to say, we dug deeper into forums such as reddit, pharmacy forums etc. We also sampled customer reviews on social media in addition to interviewing some users face to face.

Our findings were quite impressive. We noted that most of the reviews were rated between 4.5 and 5 stars. The feedback we received from our interviews also persuaded us into believing that Sizegenetics actually works as advertised.

Another point we also noted is that results can take quite some time for some people (up to 2 years in some cases) hence patience is vital when using sizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics Before and After    

Sizegenetics before and after     

SizeGenetics gains are gradual but steady and can be totally permanent if the device is worn for at least 8 months.

Click here to see before and after photos of Sizegenetics.

SizeGenetics Review: Pros and Cons


  • Approved by doctors
  • Easy to use
  • Permanent results
  • Safe (FDA approved)


  • Genuine version only available online (on the official website)
  • Premium priced
  • Gains are slow
  • May not be comfortable to wear if you engage in extremely physical work

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

Does SizeGenetics cause pain/discomfort?

No, SizeGenetics is expertly designed to give you amazing comfort

Where can I buy Sizegenetics in the UK?

SizeGenetics ships to over 200 countries worldwide. Thus, if you reside in the UK, simply order SizeGenetics online and it will be shipped to you with 2-5 days.

Are results permanent?

Since SizeGenetics mode of action is through forcing cell division to occur (mitosis), it then means that the gains are permanent and you won’t lose your gains.

How many hours a day do I have to put on it?

When starting out, wear it for 3 hours daily but once you get used to it you can increase the time to 6 hours to help accelerate your gains.

Will people know that I’m wearing the device?

SizeGenetics is designed to be worn even during work hours (provided your job is not too physical). It will not show under your trouser and people will not take notice of it.                                      


SizeGentics is a traction device that promises up to 3 inches increase in penis length after 8 months. In this SizeGenetics review, we’ve tried to answer all the customer questions to enable you make an informed buying decision.

However, if you have other medical issues, you should consult your doctor before using this device. The SizeGenetics official website also has expert customer care personnel who can answer your unanswered queries and give you more advice on how to increase your penis length and girth.