Testo Max Ingredients-Do They Work?

Testo-Max is the herb-based alternative to Sustanon. It utilizes plant-derived compounds to give you the same effects as Sustanon i.e. increased testosterone levels, enhanced muscle growth, enhanced strength and stamina. Here, I discuss the main Testo Max ingredients, how they stimulate testosterone production and whether they cause any side effects. Read on to discover more.

Crazybulk Testo Max Ingredients:

Testo Max Ingredients

  • Tribulus Terrestris (225mg)

Tribulus extract is the most important ingredient in Testo Max. A lot of extensive research has been conducted on it and experts have unearthed its numerous benefits, one of them being its ability to increase testosterone. By stepping up luteinizing hormone (the hormone responsible for testosterone production), your testosterone levels will go through the roof, with the benefits being enhanced muscle growth, enhanced muscle strength and improved energy levels. You will be able to work out longer, gain more muscle mass while shredding fat to the minimum. One great thing about Tribulus Terrestris is that it’s free from side effects even when consumed at high doses.

  • Fenugreek Extract (150mg)

Fenugreek extract is frequently used as a spice to add flavor to food. It is also used as a breast enlargement supplement and for treating diabetes. But many people do not know that Fenugreek can also be extremely beneficial to bodybuilders. Testo Max ingredients contain 150mg of Fenugreek to help bodybuilders like you achieve the following:

  1. Improve Athletic Performance

Fenugreek contains choline bitartrate, a substance mainly found in eggs. Choline is responsible for improving athletic performance by coordinating muscle contraction whilst fighting fatigue. It is also packed with lots of iron which aids in transportation of oxygen to the muscle cells to enhance energy and stamina.

  1. Improve Immunity

Niacin/Vitamin B3 in Fenugreek is important for strengthening immunity. A strong immune protects you from infections so that your workouts go on without interruptions.

  1. Avoid the Ill Effects of Atherosclerosis

Fenugreek extract is a great anti-cholesterol agent. It prevents cholesterol and plaque form forming in your arteries thereby protecting you from cardio vascular disease and heart attack.

  1. Build Muscle Faster

Most people are not aware of the fact that Fenugreek contains a few grams of protein. Though a small amount, the protein quality is top-notch and can spur massive muscle growth within a few weeks.

  1. Recover Quickly After Workout

Fenugreek is revered to reduce inflammation after training. It also contains ascorbic acid, a powerful anti-oxidant responsible for protecting muscle cells from damage by free radicals especially during vigorous training.

  • Panax Ginseng (225mg)

Ginsenosides are the active ingredients found in Panax Ginseng. They prevent over stimulation of adrenal glands to prevent excessive secretion of the stress hormone cortisol, known to cause muscle breakdown (catabolism). Ginseng is also known to step up testosterone levels naturally.

  • D-Aspartic Acid (1500mg)

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), is an amino acid used for improving testosterone in men experiencing infertility issues. A study documented in the journal of Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology found that DAA increases the amount of circulating luteinizing hormone in humans by 33% and testosterone levels by 42%. The findings of this study are a real prove that DAA is a potent testosterone booster, and can also be utilized in bodybuilding to raise testosterone levels. Thus, DAA is included among Testo Max ingredients to increase your testosterone for an improved athletic performance and muscle growth.

  • Vitamin D3 (332iu)

Vitamin D3 is especially important to you if you aren’t getting enough exposure to sunshine. Dark-skinned and overweight people do not absorb much sunshine either, hence they too need to supplement with vitamin D3.

Why is Vitamin D3 So Important to Bodybuilders?

As a bodybuilder, you might be wondering why Testo Max ingredients contains 332iu of Vitamin D3. The reason why it is included is because it plays extremely important functions such as:

  1. Improving Muscle Function

Muscle strength depends much on vitamin D, and failure to supplement or eat foods with enough vitamin D such as salmon could lead to muscle weakness, and in worst cases, muscle fiber atrophy.

  1. Improving Bone Strength and Density

The primary function of Vitamin D is to maintain strong bones. Deficiency of this vitamin weakens the bone structure (the body will draw calcium from the bones into the blood stream in absence of vitamin D) making you susceptible to fractures.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Vitamin D deficient individuals are at a higher risk of suffering from hypertension, cardiac arrest and many other heart related diseases. Supplementing with vitamin D3 lowers cholesterol levels whilst regulating blood pressure for a healthy cardiovascular system.

  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride/Vitamin B6 (11.7mg)

Vitamin B6 improves immunity in addition to promoting production of red blood cells. When you have a high number of red blood cells in your blood, oxygen delivery to muscle cells will be efficient, respiration will be enhanced and energy generation will be steady. In women, Vitamin B6 is known to balance hormones therefore contributing to a healthy physical and mental health.

  • Selenium (20mcg)

Selenium is an important dietary mineral found in beef, eggs, oatmeal, turkey, tuna and chicken breast. Selenium is vital for strengthening immunity and preventing cardiovascular conditions such as atherosclerosis, which is common among bodybuilders due to frequent exercise.

  • Zinc (2.4g)

Zinc is a great immune booster, helping to heal wounds quite fast. It also enhances blood supply to the muscle tissues to ensure that nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the cells for increased muscle growth. Furthermore, it speeds up recovery after intense workouts. It also accelerates the burning of calories to prevent them from being stored as fat.

  • Calcium Pantothenate/Vitamin B5 (3mg)

Just like vitamin B6, B5 is also great at strengthening immunity. Besides, it promotes metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins for energy generation. It is also involved in metabolism of fats to accelerate weight loss and lean muscle retention.

  • Riboflavin (5.8g)

Riboflavin acts as a catalyst in the breakdown of carbohydrates. It is also important for metabolism of fatty acids and proteins. Like many other B complex vitamins, it acts as an anti-oxidant, protecting the body from damage by free radicals. It also improves health of the digestive system, nervous system, hair, nails, skin and the eyes.

Testo Max Ingredients vs Testomax200 Ingredients

What are the differences between Testo Max ingredients and Testomax200 ingredients?

Testomax200 contains Tongkat Ali, Ginkgo Biloba and Ginger as the main ingredients. The only similarity between them and those of Testo Max is the naturality, otherwise they are totally different. Due to the fewer number, type and quality of ingredients, Testomax200 may not be as effective as Testo Max at enhancing testosterone levels.

Benefits of Testo Max

crazybulk testo max ingredients


Testo Max’s testosterone enhancing ingredients have many benefits to bodybuilders. Below are some of the benefits to anticipate:

  • Steps up testosterone levels to promote massive muscle gains
  • Enhances sex drive and performance
  • Promotes quick recovery
  • Enhances strength and stamina
  • Results within 2 weeks
  • No injections

Testo Max Side Effects

Side effects of Testo Max are rare, but sometimes people who are allergic to Fenugreek experience nausea. Fenugreek is also not recommended to pregnant moms as it’s linked with miscarriages.

Buy Testo Max

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Testo Max ingredients are not only aimed at enhancing testosterone, they also play a huge role in improving immunity, generating energy and burning fat. These additional advantages are what makes Crazy Bulk’s Testo Max the most preferred among other versions of testosterone boosting supplements on the market. What is more, Testo Max is safe, legal and fast acting; an awesome supplement that offers you value for your money.


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