Anavar cycle is the term used to reference the duration within which a bodybuilder is on Anavar supplements.

This article will discuss the cycles (beginner Anavar cycle, men Anavar cycle and women Anavar cycle) in detail; plus the dosages, results, side effects and the recommended cycle length.

Anavar Overview

Anavar cycle

Anavar, otherwise referred to as Oxandrolone, Var and many other aliases, is an anabolic steroid that is mainly used for cutting cycles but can also be used as a bulking agent. [1]

It was discovered in 1962 and officially released onto the market in 1964 as a pharmaceutical drug. Anavar was mainly used as a remedy for burns, and for rectifying maldevelopment in girls with Turner syndrome.

Anavar was also used to increase height and overall growth in children with dwarfism before the discovery of the human growth hormone-a more perfect steroidal supplement for enhancing growth in children with idiopathic short stature (ISS). [2]

As bodybuilding competitions intensified in the late 60’s and 70’s, Var found its way into the bodybuilding arena.

Anavar is the only DHT-derived steroid whose anabolic strength outclasses that of Testosterone. Besides, it’s one of the safest steroids on the market, and provided it is taken in the right dosage, most of the side effects can easily be averted.

Furthermore, Anavar’s androgenic strength is mild, hence its popularity among women bodybuilders. Unlike testosterone, it has zero chances of triggering development of masculine features such as beard and deepened voice in women.

Thus, Anavar can be used by women of all ages to burn fat for a well-defined, sexy physique.

Similarly, men use Anavar to achieve the same results as women without having to worry about the side effects.

This is because Anavar has no quantifiable estrogenic or progestogenic activity that can lead to feminine characteristics in men. Now, let’s have a look at the various forms of Anavar cycles in existence.

Anavar Cycle for Beginners

Anavar is ideal for advanced bodybuilders and beginners alike.

Starters need to begin at a slightly smaller dose, say 20mg and increment slowly as the body gets accustomed to it. Read our beginner steroid cycles to learn more.

Anavar Cycle for Women

As mentioned above, Anavar is more preferred by women since their bodies tolerate it extremely well.

For the woman who wants to blast away waist and belly fat, Anavar is the real treat. It is a powerful and harmless substitute to famous cutting steroids such as Clen.

While signs of virilization are rare, they occasionally manifest themselves more so in females who fail to plan their Anavar cycle well.

Exceeding the recommended dosage or cycle length may be detrimental to your health thus it is important to read all instructions on the label and follow them to the letter.

Most women will basically start their Anavar dosage at 10mg or 20 mg daily (the recommended range). Going past 20mg is not advisable as it increases the odds of facing distasteful side effects.

The Anavar cycle length for women is utmost 6 weeks. Those who wish to go past this should break off for about 4 weeks before beginning the second course.

Week 110 mg daily
Week 210 mg daily
Week 315 mg daily
Week 415 mg daily
Week 520 mg daily
Week 620 mg daily

N.B. Research has shown that going past six weeks doesn’t seem to add any more benefit, so the 6-week cycle is so far the most ideal.

Anavar Cycle for Men

Men mostly use Anavar for cutting purposes. For men, the Anavar cycle dosage is higher than that of women since their bodies don’t respond to Anavar quite as much as females do.

Anavar may not be as strong as Winstrol or Masteron, but is still the best beginner steroid for retaining lean muscle during dieting or cutting phase.

Most men mainly start with the 50mg-80mg daily range. Exceeding 100mg is not recommended because 1. It will increase the chances of side effects 2. It will become quite expensive (Anavar costs up to $3 per 10mg).

The most recommended cycle length for men is 8 weeks.

Week 150 mg daily
Week 250 mg daily
Week 360 mg daily
Week 460 mg daily
Week 570 mg daily
Week 670 mg daily
Week 780 mg daily
Week 880 mg daily
Week 9PCT

Anavar Cycle for Bulking

Anavar is primarily a cutting steroid, but men and women also find it useful for bulking cycles. Unlike Dianabol which increases your body’s ability to retain nitrogen, Anavar mainly intensify metabolism.

Thus, Anavar does not directly stimulate muscle growth but provides an enabling environment. For instance, increased metabolic activity will give you more energy to push harder at the gym and gain more muscle. By burning fat, Anavar will also give you that hard, toned, muscular physique.

Is PCT Required for Anavar?

Post-cycle therapy (PCT)is not necessary for ladies. If you are a woman, provided that you don’t go overboard and exceed the dosage, there’s no cause to worry.

However, PCT is an absolute must for men. Reason being men’s bodies don’t tolerate Anavar to the same degree as women. What is more, men have to take Anavar in high doses than women hence the need for PCT.

Anavar Cycle Results

Anavar steroid helps both men and women to achieve amazing results. Below are some of the main Anavar cycle results to anticipate:

  • Rapid Gains

Most oral steroids produce impressive results within a week or two, and Anavar is not an exception.

Anavar is indeed excellent to an extend that results are sometimes achievable under one week. When combined with a great training and diet program, Anavar can give remarkable results.

  • Enhances fat Loss

Anavar doesn’t match Clenbuterol as far as fat shredding is concerned, but still remains one of the best cutting steroids of all time.

But remember that for Anavar to work best, you need to watch your diet. Consuming junk foods while on Anavar and expecting results is just crazy.

Sticking to a sound cutting diet and training program will enable you to lose pounds of fat in no time.

  • Mass Gains

Anavar is not the ideal steroid for bulking, but it does help both men and women to grow muscle.

For men, the gains may be insignificant, but for women, noticeable increase in muscle mass can be visible within 1 week. This is because women’s bodies tolerate Anavar more than men.

  • Permanent Gains

Unlike Dianabol, Anadrol and many other steroids, Anavar gives the most permanent results on earth. Upon losing fat, it will be extremely hard to regain.

Likewise, any lean muscle gained will be hard to fade away and yo will enjoy a well-defined physique for a long time.

  • Improved Athletic Performance

Anavar is known to improve performance, especially among women athletes. This is because it  improves overall stamina to enable the athletes endure for long, thereby giving them an edge in competitions.

The only downside is that Anti-doping agencies prohibit the use of Anavar to boost performance, and will not hesitate to clamp down on athletes suspected of using Var.

  • Increased Bone Density

Anavar is traditionally used to relieve pain associated with osteoporosis, but research has also shown that it can actually reverse the problem by strengthening the bones.

Weak bones are a consequence of calcium deficiency and can be so devastating as the victims become susceptible to injuries.

Thankfully, research has shown that Anavar can actually increase bone mineral content, making the bones more dense and stronger. [3]

  • Short half life

Of all the steroids known to man, Anavar has the shortest half life of 8 hours. This means that it won’t persist for too long in your body like Clen does, making it the safest and most convenient steroid for newbies.

  • Enhanced Strength

As mentioned earlier, Anavar can double your strength and drastically increase your bench press. It will enable you to do more reps and gain more muscle while shredding fat to the minimum.

  • Quick Recovery

Anavar reduces your recovery time after injurious workouts. This means that you will be in a position to train without pausing, therefore gaining more muscle and losing more fat.

  • Prosecution

You will definitely land in jail if you are busted using Anavar for recreation. Besides the United States, Anavar is also illegal in many other countries of the world.

Fortunately, there are legal versions of Anavar that can be used safely to achieve the same results. Read on to find out our top-rated Anavar alternatives.

Anavar Side Effects

Despite Anavar being the ‘mildest steroid’ as many claim it to be, users have reported some side effects.

 Anavar Short-Term Side Effects

Below are the short-term side effects of Anavar, according to WEBMD. [4]

  1. Thinning hair/hair loss-if your hair follicles are sensitive to DHT then Anavar might accelerate your hair loss problem. It is important to avoid Anavar if you have excessive hair fall. Hair loss may be a result of hair follicle sensitivity to DHT or a recessive gene.
  2. Low libido- Anavar suppresses testosterone production which can lead to a diminished sex drive.
  3. Development of sebaceous cysts/acne- Anavar triggers over-production of sebum by the sebaceous glands, which in turn causes development of cysts and acne.

Other short term side effects of Anavar include migraines, nausea, vomiting, menstruation disorders and clitoral enlargement in women.

Anavar Long-Term Side Effects

Anavar long-term side effects occur after prolonged Anavar usage. Below are some of them:

  1. Heart Attack/Stroke- Anavar increases the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) while lowering the levels of good cholesterol (HDL). Excessive amounts of LDL is revered for causing fatal strokes and heart attacks.
  2. Liver Damage- Anavar as well as other anabolic steroids cannot be readily broken down by the liver. Thus, the prolonged stress they pile on the liver will cause it to malfunction at some point.
  3. Infertility in men- Anavar taken in high doses can cause testicular atrophy (shrinking of the testes). This can lead to infertility.
  4. Prolonged erections/Priapism- prolonged erections causes blood to stagnate, preventing oxygen and nutrients from being delivered to the penis. This causes cell death which often results in erectile dysfunction.

Top Rated Legal Anavar Alternatives

The only way to avoid Anavar side effects is to go for the natural alternatives. Below are our top rated Anavar steroid alternatives:

  1. Anvarol

  • Incinerates fat
  • Enhances strength
  • Enhances vascularity
  • Preserves lean muscle
  1. The Cutting Stacking

  • Maximum fat obliteration
  • Rapid results
  1. The Ultimate Stack

  • Eliminates cutting and bulking cycles; enables you to burn fat and build lean mass at the same time
  • Super-fast results


The Anavar cycle is one of the easiest cycles to implement. The dosage is super easy to follow as it isn’t too complicated, hence it is not common to find people overdosing Var.

In spite of the numerous Anavar benefits, it’s worth noting that the side effects can be too heavy to withstand. Thus, opting for legal Anavar alternatives is the best option.

One notable legal Anavar, Anvarol is the perfect substitute of Anavar composed of all-natural ingredients.

So, Anvarol can perfectly recreate the exact same effects of Anavar without leaving a single trail of unwanted side effects.