I know you’ve been dealing with a below-average cock for a long time so I’m here to help you solve your problem completely. Are you really serious about learning how to get a bigger dick? If so don’t fail to read this post to the end as I unearth the proven penis enlargement techniques.

how to get a bigger dick

Want a bigger cock? This guide is all you need.

My motivation for writing this article is the fake penis enlargement industry advertising fake methods that are aimed at defrauding innocent people like you. They care about their wealth at the expense of your health.

To be honest with you, there is no technique that is 100% perfect and here we try to be as unbiased as possible.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to make your dick bigger, let’s first try to understand why you have that small dong.

Why You Have a Small Dick

  • Genetics

Genetics can determine your penis size in the following ways:

Genetic Inheritance

Genetic inheritance actually plays a huge role in determining the size of your penis. For instance, you can inherit your penis size from a combination of genes passed down to you during prenatal development.

Thus, if your dad, maternal grandpa etc. had a small dick, the chances of you having a small dick will be high.

Genetic Mutation

Genetic inheritance is not the only way you can acquire a small penis, there’s also a process known as genetic mutation that can occur during fetal development.

Genetic mutations result in unique characteristics, one of them being development of a micropenis, which in this case is not attributable to your father’s or mother’s family lines whatsoever.

  • Environmental Factors

Environmental pollution has been widely linked with penis shrinkage and other male reproductive system abnormalities.

A 2006 research by Louis Guillette, a renowned scientist and associate dean for research at the University of Florida found that estrogenic type pesticides such as atrazine can cause sexual organ abnormalities such as penis shrinkage and penis deformities in both animals and humans. [1]

  • Hormone Problems

Male sex hormone (testosterone) and human growth hormone are vital for penis growth, both during fetal development and puberty.

Inadequacies in either or both of these hormones can severely restrict penis length and girth growth.

One of the main causes of low testosterone and HGH is an impaired HPTA (Hypothalamus Pituitary Testicular Axis) which can be caused by medical complications or excessive sex/hand practice at the onset of puberty.

To repair a broken HPTA and re-balance your hormones, you may want to take adoptogenic herbs that are known to work well. VigRX Plus is a good example of a supplement that contains potent adoptogenic herbs.

  • Lifestyle Factors

Lack of a balanced diet and exercise can cause your phallus to shrink. According to research, eating healthy will nourish the penis and exercises increase blood flow to it-which is important for maintaining muscle strength and tissue elasticity of the penis.

  • Obesity

Obesity is a medical condition and one of the causes of a buried penis, a condition in which the penis is hidden under the pubic fat pad making it to appear smaller than average.

How to Get a Bigger Dick with these 11 Effective Techniques

Penis enlargement methods can either be grouped as non-invasive (conservative) and invasive e.g. surgery. Now, let’s begin with the non-invasive penis enlargement methods.

Non-Invasive/ Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Methods

how to get a bigger dick without pills or surgery

Ideal for you if you don’t want to face the knife.

  1. Use of Penis Extenders

Penis Extenders

For Stretching the Penile Shaft.

Penis extenders are devices that use traction to increase the size of the penis. By gently pulling the penile shaft, a penis extender not only enhances blood flow to the corpus cavernosum but also forces muscle cells to duplicate through a process called mitosis.

The duplication of cells makes the penis grow bigger both in length and girth. One great penis extender that we recommend is SizeGenetics. Penis extenders are mostly preferred to other methods since they don’t have any side effects.

  1. Penis Enlargement Pills

Get a bigger dick Pills

Packed with Adaptogenic Herbs.

Male enhancement pills promise to give quick results for both penile girth and length. The biggest issue with penis supplements is that most of them lack scientific backing and may cause side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, heart palpitations and even penis desensitization in worst cases.

We’ve tried our best to review the best penis enlargement pills that are clinically approved and that have been proven to work. Read about them here, here and here.

  1. Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

Fills the penis with blood.

Vacuum pump, also referred to as a penis pump is used as a remedy for ED. However, the cons of using a penis pump are numerous and should not be overlooked.

Some of the disadvantages of the pump include short-term results (gains are lost as soon as you stop using the pump), penis deformation, soreness of the penis and bursting of blood vessels. Instead of using a vacuum pump, opt for a penis extender which is less risky.

  1. Penis Rings

There are several types of penis rings. The aim of a penis ring is to squeeze the penile shaft at the base and prevent blood from leaving your penis too quickly so that you can maintain an erection. Thus, this method is mainly for treating erectile dysfunction and does not contribute much to making your dick bigger. Disadvantages include swelling, numbness and pain.

  1. Penis Enlargement Exercises

Weight and strength training exercises will increase blood flow to your nether regions and make your penis grow, but you also need to include penis enlargement exercises to speed up your gains. Penis enlargement exercises include:

  • Length stretch exercise

In length stretch exercise, you need to stand upright, grasp the tip of your penis (glans) and pull it away from the body. Stretch it to the maximal length then move it up, down and sideways (left and right) for about 30 seconds then relax for 10 seconds and start all over again. The exercise should be done 2-3 times a day.

  • Jelqing

In this exercise, you need a basin of warm water and a towel. Soak the towel in the warm water and wrap it around your dick for about 3 minutes. Using your thumb and index finger, hold the base of your dick (in such a manner that the fingers form a ring around the penis). Now you need to drag the fingers along the penile shaft all the way to the tip (a process akin to milking a cow’s teat) and repeat the process for about 20 seconds.  Jelging should be done 3-4 times a day for the best results.

  • Warm-up towel exercise

Warm-up towel is similar to Jelqing but in this case you only need a warm water basin and a towel. Soak the towel in the warm water and then wrap both the penis and the testicles in it for about 3 minutes.

  • The circular stretch

The circular stretch involves grasping the penis glans, stretching it to the maximum (like in the case of length stretch exercise) and then making circular rotations with it. Easy peasy.

Benefits of Penis Enlargement Exercises

  • Significant increase in both penis length and girth
  • Improved sex drive due to enhanced blood flow to the penis
  • Rock-hard erections for better sexual performance
  • More intense orgasms
  • Improved prostate health
  1. Diet Change

diet change

Get Essential Nutrients from Diet.

As mentioned earlier, diet is vital for a healthy and well-functioning penis. Thus, if you want a bigger cock, you need to stop consuming junk food and add the following to your diet:

  • Watermelon

Watermelon contains the amino acid L-citrulline, which according to WebMD can act as a natural Viagra for combating erectile dysfunction and impotence. L-Citrulline is a great vasodilator and will relax the penile blood vessels to allow more inflow, thereby improving erections and overall penis growth.

  • Ginger

In addition to improving cardiovascular health and protecting you from heart attacks and stroke, Ginger also increases your testosterone to promote penis growth, enhance libido and increase sperm count.

  • Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in salmon and are vital for improving cardiovascular health and also for increasing blood flow to the sexual organs. Salmon is also known to contain nutrients that step up dopamine levels for a relaxed mood, enhanced sex drive and better performance in bed.

  • Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich sources of zinc and magnesium minerals that are vital for increasing testosterone and human growth hormone. With the two hormones in plenty, your penis will grow huge. Consuming pumpkin seeds at least twice a week is enough to give you noticeable results.

  • Bananas

Bananas contain an enzyme known as bromelain. Bromelain can drastically increase sex drive and reverse erectile dysfunction.

Additionally, bananas are great sources of potassium, a mineral that is crucial for improving circulation and keeping blood pressure in check.

  • Eggs

Eggs are packed with B vitamins which are essential for balancing your hormones so that your endocrine system functions well. A healthy endocrine system is necessary for normal growth of the penis and the entire body.

Also found in eggs is choline bitartrate, a nutrient which increases production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels to increase blood flow to the genitals.

  • Liver

Liver contains vitamin B12 and zinc. B12 increases blood flow to the nether regions, increases libido and prevents erectile dysfunction. Zinc is important for raising testosterone levels-which is vital for maintaining a healthy sex life.

  • Peanuts

Peanuts are natural sources of L-Arginine, an amino acid responsible for maintaining sexual function in men. Studies have shown that L-Arginine increases nitric oxide which in turn enhances blood flow to the penis. Sufficient blood to the penis has two benefits:1. Promotes firm, sustainable erections 2. Enhances delivery of nutrients to the penis to promote growth.

  • Garlic

Allicin, a compound known to boost sexual stamina is found in plenty in Garlic. Allicin promotes blood flow to the penis by relaxing the blood vessels and also through preventing formation of plague inside arterial walls.

  • Chili Peppers

Chilli peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin, which is good for improving circulation. Research has shown that capsaicin can significantly increase testosterone levels which is vital for penile growth and performance.

Invasive/Surgical Penis Enlargement Methods

Surgical Penis Enlargement Methods

Ideal if you want a quick fix.

  1. Penile Implants

Men often resort to penile implants when all other techniques have failed. It involves surgically placing and inflatable or semi-rigid device inside the penis to aid erection. [2]

  1. Botulinum Toxin Injection

Botulinum Toxin Injection

Injected at the base to relax the penis muscles.

Botulinum Toxin acts by blocking nerve signals that tell the muscles to contract. By injecting the drug at the base of the penis, muscles responsible for penis shrinkage get paralyzed and the flaccid size of the penis increases by some inches.

  1. Skin Grafts

Also referred to as cosmetic augmentation surgery, involves use of skin grafts to enhance penile girth. There are three methods of penile augmentation surgery:

  • Dermal Graft (DFG)-refers to a graft made from your own skin
  • Alloderm Graft- graft made from a cadaver’s (dead donor) skin
  • BellaDerm-graft made from a living donor’s skin
  1. Ligament Cutting

Ligament cutting, also known as penoplasty or ligamentolysis involves cutting of ligaments that connect your pecker to the pubic bone. By so doing, your penis length (in flaccid state) will tend to be longer since there will be no ligaments to pull it back towards your body hence it will hang out loosely.

  1. Fat Transfer

This involves either injecting or grafting fat cells from elsewhere in your body into your penis. This type of fat grafting will often provide impressive results but the chances of losing your gains are high, therefore necessitating the need for multiple surgeries.

Common FAQs 

Penis enlargement questions and answers

Have a question on this topic?

What’s the Safest Penis Enlargement Technique?

The safest penis enlargement procedure is obviously one that’s less invasive. Use of penis extenders is the best as it has no side effects.

Do Penis Enlargement Exercises Work?

Since the penis is not actually a muscular organ, exercises may not give satisfactory results. Risks of injuries are also common with this type of penis enlargement.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Approved by FDA?

No. After all, dietary supplements don’t require approval by the FDA.

Is it Possible to Increase the Length and Girth of My Penis Permanently?

It’s possible, but not as easy as you might think. Regardless of the route you take to enlarge your dick, a lot of dedication and patience is needed before you achieve any improvement. But once you succeed to add a few inches, it won’t be easy to lose them.

What Size of Penis is Considered Normal?

The average penis size, which is 5.16 inches (length)  and 4.59 inches (girth) for and erect penis and 3.61 inches (length) and 3.66 inches (girth) for a flaccid penis is considered the normal penis size. [3]

At What Age Does My Penis Reach Maximum Size?

Your penis will usually start growing at around age 12 and growth will be more rapid at adolescence (age 15). You will achieve maximum size at about age 19-21 when your penis stops growing.

What Risks Come With Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is costly ($4000-$10000) and the recovery time after the operation is extremely long. Also, enlargement surgery increases the risk of infection, scarring and erectile dysfunction due to nerve damage.

Dick enlargement injections are useful for increasing blood flow to the penis but can cause side effects as well. First, injections on the penis are painful. Secondly, injections can cause priapism (prolonged, painful erection)

What is the Most Effective Male Enhancement Technique?

Surgery, use of vacuum pumps and penis extenders are all effective (but with their disadvantages) male enhancement techniques. Pills can also be effective but they don’t work for everyone.

Does Penis Size Matter?

This one is debatable but it’s obvious that a bigger one is better. However, you don’t need a 9-ich penis to satisfy a woman, most women prefer an average size. [4]

How to Get a Bigger Dick Conclusion

Now that you’ve learnt some techniques for getting a bigger dick, it’s upon you to decide which one is in line with your goals.

It is important to also be aware of the pros and cons of each of these methods to avert any risk that come with them. The ball is in your court.