how to hide man boobs

You are here to learn how to hide man boobs. Well, this article has every technique you need to know.

Man boobs are among the things that erode a man’s self-confidence. Learning to hide man boobs is the first step to restoring your dignity and living a stress-free life. Evidence has shown that men who learn how to hide man breasts successfully eventually get rid of them. Why? Because stress and low self-esteem exacerbates Gyno, and if you are able to get rid of stress and live a fulfilling life (by hiding your moobs), chances are your body will respond positively to medications, exercises and foods used to fight this condition.

Thus, in this article, I am going to show you how to effectively hide your man boobs.

How to Hide Man Boobs by Changing Your Dressing Style

Changing your dressing style is the first step to hiding your man boobs. Below are some of the tips and tricks you can try:

  1. Avoid T-Shirts

T-shirts have simple designs, no collars nor pockets to conceal your chest area. V-shaped T-shirts are even worse since they expose most of your chest. Short sleeves also mean that your armpit region will be visible and people might notice that you have enlarged breasts. So, instead of wearing T-shirts, go for shirts.

  1. Opt for Dark Colors

Light colored clothing will show your chest as it is. In fact, it will make it appear even bigger than usual. Hence, stay away from white clothing and wear dark or neutral colors that will make your chest look smaller in addition to hiding anything conspicuous.

  1. Go for Patterns

Camouflaging your man boobs with patterned clothing will help you to prevent the curious folks from noticing anything odd. Instead of wearing plain or light-colored shirts, go for ones with flowers, writings or any other decorative artwork on it.

  1. Avoid Wearing Stuff that Will Draw People’s Attention

Wearing necklaces, chains and other forms of jewelry around your neck will draw people’s attention towards your neck and other surrounding areas including your chest. Sounds funny right? But the truth is that these items attract a great deal of eyeballs so avoiding wearing them will help you to hide your problem.

  1. Choose High-Neckline Over V-Neckline

V-neckline shirts extend downwards, exposing your neck and most of your chest. Therefore, people might start focusing on your chest region. To avoid this, go for high neck-line shirts as they are more likely to disguise your man boobs.

  1. Avoid Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal-striped shirts tend to show your body features while vertical stripes are good at hiding contours. Always stick to vertical stripes if you wish to conceal your Moobs.

  1. Go for Baggy

Wearing a tight shirt is not an option unless you compress your breasts first. Going for baggy shirts is the best option as people won’t be able to notice your man boobs under loose fittings.

  1. Go for Shirts with Front Pockets

Conceal man boobs with front pockets

Shirts with 2 front pockets are probably the best attire for men trying to hide Gynecomastia. Pockets, especially those with flaps will completely obscure your moobs and people won’t suspect anything wrong with you.

  1. Wear Long-Sleeved Shirts

Wearing shirts with long sleeves makes sure that your man boobs are not visible under your armpits. If you wear short sleeves, people will notice your moobs sooner or later.

  1. Wear Thick Clothing

It is common knowledge that thick clothing hides body contours more than thin clothing. Most people use thick clothing to hide their love handles, and you can also use them to completely shroud your male breasts.

  1. Make Use of Sweaters and Jackets

Making use of winter clothing such as sweaters, jackets, coats and scarves will also enable you to hide your man boobs.

  1. Compress Your Breasts

Compression clothing are available nowadays and are extremely efficacious at hiding man boobs. Below are the two main types of compression clothing on the market.

  • Compression Vests

Use of a compression vest to hide moobs is one of the most ingenious methods of obscuring man boobs and we strongly recommend to everyone. There are many compression vest designs available on the market and most of them can easily be purchased from Amazon. [1]

  • Compression Shirts

Compression shirts are also reliable for hiding man boobs. They are affordable and can be found in most online stores. Some of the compressions shirts are designed using modern technology to offer multiple solutions. For instance, there are compression shirts that are capable of providing both chest and abdomen slimming without causing discomfort.

How to Hide Man Breasts When Swimming

how to hide man breasts when swimming

To hide your man breasts when swimming, make sure you wear a long-sleeved swim shirt.  You can use an elastic bandage to compress your man breasts first and then wear your swim shirt over it. Make sure the color of the bandage matches the color of your swim shirt.

How to Hide Gynecomastia with Tape

Using paper tape to hide moobs is another technique used by most people. But we highly discourage this method as it’s extremely ineffective and may cause serious side effects in the long run. Thus, if you are currently using tape, stop it! Making use of compression garments is the best alternative even if it takes long to see results. Below are some of the cons of using tape:

  • Continued usage will eventually cause skin breakdown. This may result in permanent scarring.
  • Prolonged use of tapes can cause chronic skin irritation. Even medical grade tapes are known to cause irritation.
  • Tapes can be too wrinkly and noticeable.

How to Hide Man Boobs with Shirt Off

The only sure way to hide Gynecomastia with your shirt off is to simply get rid of it. There are two main methods that are used to successfully banish man boobs.

  • Use of Supplements

Supplements are very useful for shrinking your moobs and getting back your awesome chest. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using supplements to get rid of man boobs.

Advantages of Gyno Supplements

  1. Supplements are cheaper as compared to surgery
  2. Most of them are formulated from natural ingredients hence are safe
  3. No injections or prescriptions needed
  4. Easy to use

Disadvantages of Gyno Supplements

  1. Most of them are fake. Many people have been scammed through fake Gyno pills
  2. Takes longer to give results as compared to surgery. Requires dietary change and intense exercises to produce rapid results.
  3. Some supplements cause a multitude of side effects, especially those formulated from synthetic substances

For more information on Gyno shrinking supplements, read our article on how to get rid of Gyno.

  • Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery refers to the surgical removal of the male breast tissue. [2] Most people today prefer Gyno surgery over other methods of treating man boobs. However, Gyncomastia surgery also has its pros and cons.

Advantages of Gynecomastia Surgery

  1. Gyno surgery offers instant results
  2. Offers a permanent solution to man boobs
  3. Results are guaranteed
  4. No scams

Disadvantages of Gynecomastia Surgery

  1. Gynecomastia surgery costs at least $3000
  2. May leave permanent, ugly scars
  3. Loss of symmetry. Unevenly proportioned breasts may result from breast reduction surgery, and may be more embarrassing than having man boobs.


We hope that our tips on how to hide man boobs will help you restore back your lost confidence. But bear in mind that he ultimate solution to Gynecomastia is to find a permanent solution through Gyno shrinking pills, creams or surgery.

If you have the money, our advice is that you seek treatment for a long-lasting solution instead of wearing baggy shirts for life. The reason is simple: you will not be able to face and overcome your problems when you are in denial about them.