Oxydrol is an oral anabolic androgenic steroid (derivative of DHT) which is marketed primarily for medical purposes. However the drug has found its way to over-the-counter supplement stores and is being used by bodybuilders, power lifters and athletes to boost performance.

As a schedule III controlled substance, Oxydrol is only available through prescription though some people will use all means to get it; including buying from the black market to forging prescriptions.

Oxydrol Uses

It has both medical and non-medical uses as discussed below.

  1. Medical Uses

Oxydrol has multiple medical uses, but is mainly used for treating anaemia and osteoporosis due to its ability to stimulate red blood cell production and growth of stronger bones and muscles. It is also used to manage breast cancer as well as HIV/AIDS wasting syndrome. [1]

However, due to its side effects; better, non-steroidal alternatives have been developed to replace Oxydrol in treating the aforementioned conditions.

  1. Non-Medical Uses

Since Oxydrol is one of the strongest anabolics in existence, bodybuilders and athletes mainly abuse it to build muscle and improve athletic performance. This is because it promotes nitrogen retention thereby allowing the body to build more muscle. Moreover, it stimulates red blood cell production which gives athletes more strength due to the extra oxygen their blood will be able to carry.

But as we mentioned earlier, Oxydrol is illegal unless under doctor’s prescription. This means that most people (bodybuilders to be precise) obtain it from the black market. This will definitely increase the risk of laying their hands on fake and even dangerous products peddled by scammers. The legal and health risks of Oxydrol have led to invention of legal and safe alternatives such as Anadrole.

Benefits to Athletes and Bodybuilders

Oxydrol benefits

Despite the dreaded side effects, the non-medical users of Oxydrol stand a chance to benefit since the steroid is one of the strongest. Results are usually rapid. Below are some of them.

  • Increased Muscle Mass

The anabolic promotes rapid growth of muscles through accelerating protein synthesis. Thus, it is mainly used by guys who wish to gain faster without much lifting.

  • Stronger Bones

Oxydrol enables the body make stronger bones hence it is mainly used as a remedy for osteoporosis (weak bones).

  • Enhanced Strength and stamina

Due to its ability to stimulate red blood cell growth, Oxydrol automatically qualifies to be a great supplement for enhancing strength and power. This is because the higher the number of red blood cells in your body, the more the oxygen delivered to the muscles hence more strength for lifting or competing in athletics. However, since it’s among the controlled substances, athletes may be banned if found to have used Oxydrol.


Oxydrol is mainly produced in 50 mg tablets. Seasoned bodybuilders consume up to 150 mg per day, but as a novice you should stick to the recommended dose of 5-20 mg per day to avert devastating side effects. Until your body is accustomed to it is when you should go beyond 20 mg, but do not exceed the 150 mg maximum recommended.

Side Effects

Despite its awesome anabolic effects, this steroid causes several side effects that you need to bear in mind. [2] These can be grouped into mild and serious side effects.

  • Mild Side Effects

Mild side effects of Oxydrol include development of puffy nipples, nausea, vomiting, migraines, swelling and changes in skin color due to water retention, prolonged erection in men, excessive weight gain, lethargy, jaundice, diarrhea, insomnia and depression.

Some of the side effects specific to women include enlarged clitoris, hair loss, disruption of menstrual cycle, acne and virilization symptoms such as growth of chest/facial hair and deepening of voice.

  • Serious Side Effects

Serious side effects normally develop after prolonged use of Oxydrol and may be life-threatening. They include liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver cancer.


Fortunately, there are several alternatives that have been developed to help you avoid the above-mentioned side effects. These are natural supplements designed to mimic the effects of Oxydrol and give exact-same results without the side effects.

What is more they are legal and you can buy them online at any time without worrying about the consequences of being caught with a prohibited substance. They include:


Oxydrol is primarily a medical drug used in management or treatment of ailments such as anemia and osteoporosis. As a powerful anabolic steroid, bodybuilders and athletes abuse it in a bid to gain mass rapidly. However, the negative effects of Oxydrol usually outweigh its benefits and you should think twice before buying it from some black market. There are safer alternatives that can give you the same insane gains without putting your health at risk.