‘Man boobs’ is a very common problem among men today. It’s the main cause of embarrassment and low self-esteem, and many people have tried to find a solution in vain. In this Gynectrol review, learn the causes of man boobs and the ideal treatment.

What is Gynectrol?

Gynectrol review

The ideal Gyno remedy? Let’s find out.

Gynectrol is a perfect Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia eradication formula. It was invented by Crazy Bulk over 8 years ago and since then it has become the most popular man boobs treatment supplement worldwide.

Reason for its popularity being that it gives permanent results within a very short time. Below are some of the benefits of Crazy Bulk’s Gynectrol:

  • Works super-fast, giving you results within a few weeks
  • Gives you a firmer, awesome chest
  • It is all-natural, no side effects
  • Permanent breast reduction
  • No injections or prescriptions
  • It is the most effective Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia treatment in existence.
  • Free worldwide delivery

Click here to order Gynectrol and say sayonara to your man boobs! Or keep reading for more info.

Why Is It Difficult To Find a Perfect Treatment For Gyno?

The answer is simple, the internet is awash with fake reviews and fake companies claiming this and that only to scam you. This is the main reason why there are so many fake pills being peddled everywhere by sketchy review sites and syndicates.

Genuine companies/review sites are those that understand fully the root cause of the problem instead of trying to treat the symptoms.

Crazy Bulk is one company that has experts who are extremely knowledgeable in this field, and have been able to help thousands of people to obliterate their man boobs completely.

What Causes Man Boobs?

To find a perfect solution to this problem, we first need to understand its causes. There are two types of man boobs: Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia.

While Gynecomastia is mainly caused by hormonal imbalance, Pseudogynecomastia is caused by fat deposits within the chest.

The cause of enlargement for Gynecomastia is tissue build up, while the latter is caused by pure fat. These two are cured effectively with Gynectrol, a perfect man boobs eradication formula manufactured and sold by Crazy Bulk.

Does Gynectrol Work?

This is a common question I frequently see in every “Gynectrol forum”

Does Gynectrol work

Does it actually work?

And the short answer is yes. Gynectrol results are highly guaranteed. Its potent ingredients will work towards flattening your chest in a fortnight.

Your hidden pectoral muscles will eventually be exposed and you will have the chance to walk around with a manly chest. With Gynectrol, you will get back your confidence, and you will show off your chest with pride.

How it works

Gynectrol treats Gynecomastia by rebalancing your hormones. It drastically reduces estrogen that is contributing to tissue growth around your chest while increasing testosterone.

On the other hand, Gynectrol gets rid of Pseudogynecomastia by breaking down fatty tissue around your chest. You also get a free diet and chest workout guide when you order Gynectrol.

What Results Should You Expect?

Below are the results you can expect after using Gynectrol for at least 2 months:

  • Reduced Chest Fat

Well, losing chest fat is one of the steps to getting rid of Gynecomastia, before it gets worse. This formula boasts high quality extracts of well known natural fat burners such as Guggulsterones, Grean Tea, Caffeine, Chromium and Sclareolides (discussed in more detail in the ‘Ingredients’ section of this post.

All of the aforementioned ingredients have been proven by numerous studies to actually increase metabolic rate and spur fat loss.

With regular use for a period of 2 months, you are bound to lose pounds of fat not only on the chest area but throughout the body. The importance of losing fat uniformly is that your body symmetry will not be altered.

  • Enhanced Testosterone Production

There is no doubt that testosterone is the hormone that sets apart men from women. A slight decline in your test levels will put you in great trouble. Some of the negative outcomes of low testosterone include:

  1. Decreased libido
  2. Chronic fatigue
  3. Mood disorders
  4. Depression
  5. Gyno

As a matter of fact, the main cause of your man boobs is a dip in your male sex hormone levels. Thus, the easiest way to quickly shrink your moobs is to step up your test levels, and Gynectrol is designed to help you achieve that.

  • Diminished Estrogen Levels

The main culprit behind feminization and development of Gynecomastia in men is estrogen [1] . Hence, by ensuring that your testosterone levels are high while diminishing your estrogen levels, it effectively eradicates  your Gyno.

  • Reduction in Glandular Tissue

The real cause of Gynecomastia is the enlargement of your breast’s glandular tissue. So, in addition to shredding fat, this tissue also needs to be diminished.

Research has proven that by increasing testosterone, glandular tissue growth can be stopped and the breast can start shrinking to give you back your flat, manly chest.

With this formula rebalancing your hormones and elevating you testosterone levels, this is easily achievable.

  • Increase Muscle Mass and Bone Density

Another result of using this remedy is increased muscle mass, muscle strength and bone density. This is caused by elevated testosterone levels.

  • Increased Strength

Testosterone is not only responsible for increasing muscle mass and bone density, it is also extremely vital for fighting off fatigue and enhancing strength and stamina [2] . This will enable you to exercise vigorously and reap even more benefits.

Gynectrol Before and After Pictures

Most Gynectrol reviews have been positive and many people have testified that it actually works. What you need to keep in mind is that hard work (exercise) and a healthy diet are mandatory for you to gain the best results. Below are some real before and after Gynectrol results pictures.

Gynectrol before and after

The results.

Gynectrol side Effects

So far there are no known side effects related to Gynectrol, in spite of the fact that it has been on the market for 9 years. This indicates that this supplement is safe and free from and negative effects. The reason is simple; it is formulated from natural ingredients, and any supplement with the blessings of nature is generally considered safe.

Gynectrol Reviews on Reddit and Other Bodybuilding Forums

Most people believe that genuine reviews are only available on giant forums like reddit but that’s not always the case.

Scammers and representatives from supplement companies join these forums too and some reviews might be deceitful. This is what prompted us to conduct a thorough investigation of the pills to find out whether they actually work, and we can confidently confirm that they do work.

Gynectrol vs Gynexin

Gynectrol vs Gynexin

The only difference between the two is the companies that manufacture them; otherwise they both are composed of the same ingredients which include:

  • Sclareolides (Suppresses estrogen production, increases testosterone production)
  • Guggulsterones (blasts away chest fat)
  • Caffeine (promotes overall fat loss)
  • Green Tea extract (increases your basic metabolic rate to accelerate fat loss)
  • Chromium (enhances metabolic rate)
  • Theobromine Cacao (Prevents water retention)

Can I Buy Gynectrol from Amazon or GNC?

Unfortunately, Gynectrol is not yet available on Amazon or GNC. It is only available at the official website.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

 How long will it take to see results?

The average time it takes to see results is 2 months. But keep in mind that exercise and a great diet can speed up your gains.

Will I lose my gains if I stop taking Gynectrol?

 No. Gynectrol results are permanent. Once you lose your man boobs they will never bother you again.

Can I stack Gynectrol with other supplements?

Yes, Gynectrol can be stacked for more enhanced gains in terms or fat loss. Clenbutrol is one supplement that can be safely stacked with Gynectrol.

 Is Gynectrol Legal In the US?

 Yes, Gynectrol is legal in the US and any other country. It is manufactured in a GMP certified facility and is approved by the FDA.

Are there any Incentives or Discounts for this product?

Yes, there is a buy 2 get 1 free offer. You simply need to buy two bottles and get 1 bottle free of charge. They also offer free workout guides and free shipping to any destination in the world.

Can I order Gynectrol in India?

 Yes, you can.  Gynectrol is based in the US but can be shipped to all countries of the world.

What Ingredients Are in Each Gynectrol Pill?

Below are the main Gynectrol ingredients that do the magic:

  • Green Tea

Green tea is probably the best weight loss beverage in existence, thanks to its powerful antioxidants referred to as catechins. Its mode of action is through raising your resting metabolism. This in turn increases fat shredding to generate energy whilst leaving behind pure, lean muscle.

  • Guggulsterones

Guggulsterones’ role is to produce two vital neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and epinephrine. These two accelerate metabolic rate to enhance fat shredding.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is mainly used to suppress fatigue and increase alertness; but is also used to increase metabolism of lipids. The process steps up your energy levels while giving you a well ripped physique.

  • Sclareolides

In addition to raising your basic metabolic rate to jumpstart the fat burning process, sclareolides are also great testosterone boosters and hormone imbalance rectifiers. By pumping up your testosterone naturally, sclareolides will give you crazy energy for your workouts, hence more gains.

  • Theobromine

Theobromine is mainly found in chocolate and tea leaves. It contains chemicals known as flavonoids that are amazingly perfect at repairing and soothing damaged connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments.  It is also used for lowering cholesterol.

  • Chromium

Chromium increases production of insulin, an important enzyme that enhances transportation of nutrients to promote overall body growth. Insulin is also useful in preventing carbohydrate-fat conversion to promote muscle growth while drastically reducing fat.

Is Gynectrol a Steroid?

Is Gynectrol a Steroid

Most people believe that Gynectrol is a steroid-which is a terrible misconception. Having investigated its ingredients, it is clear that Gynectrol is nowhere near being considered as an Androgenic and Anabolic Steroid (AAS) [3] .

Why? All its ingredients are natural and not derivatives of testosterone like most anabolic steroids. So, Gynectrol is not a steroid and its mode of action is far much different from those of steroids.

Gynectrol Dosage

Gynectrol is a safe and legal formula but may cause complications if abused. Follow the recommended prescription to avoid any issues.

Use the free guide and diet plan as well to ensure you are doing the right thing. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily, approximately 20 mins before breakfast. Use it for at least two months for the best results.

How Much Chest Fat Will You Lose?

Typically, results are achievable within 30 days and you will lose up to 95% chest fat. But remember that these figures are not engraved in stone.

Exercise, diet and genetics also have a role to play. Tip: stacking Gynectrol with Clenbutrol makes it more effective. Going for an eight-week cycle is also advisable as it gives better results.

Where to Buy Gynectrol

Gynectrol is only available on Crazy Bulk’s official store. They are the only company selling top-quality, legal and safe Gynectrol supplements. You won’t find this supplement in any other reputable online store be it Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc.

Visit the Crazy Bulk official website now to order the best Gynectrol supplements online.

Special Offers and Discounts

Crazy Bulk is popular among the bodybuilding community because of the lucrative discounts and incentives it offers to its customers.

For instance, if you buy Gynectrol, you stand the chance of getting your hands on a free nutrition and exercise guide.

Also, the buy 2 get 1 free offer is meant to help you save lots of bucks by allowing you to walk away with every 3rd item free of charge.

What is more, Crazy Bulk have a free worldwide delivery policy for all their products, meaning you will have your orders delivered to you free of charge irrespective of where you live in the world.

Gynectrol Review Pros & Cons


  • Improves chest appearance by burning chest fat
  • Natural and effective
  • No side effects
  • No prescriptions or injections
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • Rapid results


  • Only available on the official online store
  • May not work for everyone since it’s herbal


Gynectrol results vary from one individual to another due to the differences in genetics and other factors. However, the average time to realize significant fat loss and tissue shrinkage is normally 4 weeks (two months).

To see results much faster, you need to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. You can learn more about the best exercises for getting rid of Gynecomastia here.

Eating healthy foods should also be your priority. Junk foods that will add you unnecessary fat should be avoided.

We hope that our Gynectrol review was valuable and will help you achieve your goals. Our reviews are based on research, meaning everything herein is factual and backed by solid evidence.

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